The Real Estate

Pearl Beach is an absolutely stunning piece of prime beach front real estate. The land comprises of 78400m with a massive beach frontage of 400 meters.
This real estate has been subdivided into five separate Chanote titles and is therefore officially dedicated as a building area. All of which are free and clear of any encumbrances or mortgages.
Pearl Beach is connected to a public road and located between two Resorts, both of which are five stars. The real estate is characterised by smooth mounds and in the eastern part crossed by a lovely water runlet. The land area is solid stone and some rocks emerge picturesquely from the grass.
Circe-Consulting holds an unlimited option contract on the real estate.

The Project Developement

The Project PEARL BEACH RESIDENCE has been developed by CirceConsult with the following collaboration

CirceConsult represented by Wolfgang Scholz has concluded the pre-planning with following firms BOI-Europe in Vienna

Schurz & Partner represented by architect Prof. Dr. Peter Schurz, developed on-site the contour line plan from which results the master plan.

Bluebuilding is represented by Architect Diego Frigo, Thailand


The Project Description

This is an interim project plan, which can be changed on demand from the operator/investor. The construction stages are sub-divided in following steps. (Legend like Masterplan)

  1. 1000 m ancillary areas like foyer, office, accommodation for medical attendance, pharmacy, minimarket, staff accommodation, laundry.
  2. Wellness area (300 m)
  3. Restaurant with terrace (500m) for 300 guests.
  4. Restaurant with terrace (500m) for 300 guests.
  5. 50 two storey houses with a total living space of 280 m, which will be divided up into four living units of each 70 m
  6. 50 one storey houses with a living space of each 150 m
  7. Two separate swimming pools, total 1000 m
  8. Waste water treatment plant and waste water container
  9. Paved roads and parking place
unserprojekt/5 monks.JPG

Ad A The foyer

Ad B Wellness area (300 m)

Ad C Restaurant with terrace for 300 guests (500 m)

Ad D Two Drink-Bars on the beach with WC (each 40 m)

Ad E The living units of 70 m are intended for two persons. 50 houses with a total of 200 living units = 400 guests.

These living units could be rented out to retirees or the tenancy could form part of a retirement plan.

Every unit includes:
1 Living room with open kitchen


1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 WC
1 1 Storeroom
1 Terrace or a roofed balcony in the first floor
Tiled roof in traditional Thai style.

Ad F The 150 m houses each have a 400 m private garden.

These 50 houses could be given until demise

and would then re-enter to the association.

Every house includes:
1 Living room
1 Kitchen with dining area
1 Master bedroom
1 Bedroom
1 Home office/workroom
1 Bathroom
1 WC
1 Roofed terrace
Tiled roof in traditional Thai style.

Ad G Two separate swimming pools, total 1000 m

Ad H Depending on the building regulations either a waste

water treatment plant or a waste water container

Ad I Construction of paved roads and parking place

The Building Phase

CirceConsult will be the General Contractor.

Bluebuilding and Schurz & Partner will guide the Project Management

The Construction Firm will be IT-Development.

The Investor

The preliminary talks with a German investment company are concluded by consensus.

The Operator

Under discussion with VAMED


It is considered to lease out the 150 m houses (F) on demise and the smaller unites of 70 m (E) on semi-annual. Depending on the utilized capacity from 40% to 80%, the payback period could be between ten and five years.